Artists and Trainers

The voice of Artists and Trainers

The vocational training is led by an experienced artist and trainer, accompanying the students throughout their learning path, under the supervision of Burj Al LuqlUq’ team and in coordination with Burj AlLuqLuq business development expert. A message from the trainer:

A message from Trainer Nemer Sartawi

The Spanish artist Pablo Picasso once said, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” From art you begin to be yourself; dreamy, bright and giving. The art of ceramic is one of the closest arts to the body as the artist touches the elements of ceramics with his bare hands.”

A message from Trainer Ranim Razem

"Passion in the students' eyes makes me more attached to everything related to art. We see how the students of Burj Al Luqluq Ceramic Training center and Laboratory develop during the course in a way full of beauty and energy."