The voice of the trainees The Laboratory’ trainees are young Jerusalemites, that passed a selection process based on their interest, commitment, initial skills and social situation, and attend sessions in the laboratory 3 times/week. At the conclusion of the training, upon passing a final examination, they are able to autonomously design and realize ceramic items according to various techniques. The Laboratory also supports them in gaining basic marketing and entrepreneurship skills. Few messages from students completing their vocational training:

Ms. Alaa Nabulsi:

“ Ceramic is a mixture of the splendor of art and the fragrance of history, as it is one of the oldest arts. Through ceramics the most beautiful and the latest works are made’.

Bayan Taweel:

“ My fingertips found themselves forming the clay into different shapes that are drawn from identity and culture. My eyes would see many pictures without paying attention to details, however,  after my hands touched the clay, I began to see the finest details which made me want to turn the clay into beautiful masterpieces.      

Ikhlass Kirish:

“ Ceramic is an elegant art that resists the factors of time. The artists can bring out their feelings about everything around them in a piece of art made by hands. If you cannot make gold, seek giant works in ceramic art”.