About Burj’ ceramic laboratory


Burj Al Luqluq’ Ceramic Training center and Laboratory opened in March 2016 at Burj al Luq Luq premises in the Old City of Jerusalem, with the technical assistance of the Italian NGO CISP- International Committee for the Development of Peoples, through the ­financial support of the European Union’ East Jerusalem Programme, in the frame of the “Fostering Socio-Economic Empowerment and Protection of Vulnerable Palestinian Communities in East Jerusalem” Project.The second phase of the Project, that started in 2018 and will last until 2021, continues supporting this initiative.

Our Aim:

Our aim from establishing the Ceramic Training center and Laboratory is to contribute to
improving the economic situation of the youth and women living in the area of Jerusalem, by engaging them in a qualifi­ed vocational path. In addition, we are laying the foundation for a commercially-oriented initiative that will potentially support more job opportunities and contribute to strengthening Burj Al Luqluq’ financial sustainability.

About the ceramic lab:

The Laboratory is managed by the team of Burj with the support of expert consultants. In the Lab, a number of Jerusalemite young women are receiving comprehensive ceramic training from a professional ceramist and artist.

The Lab main work:

  1. Creatinguniquely designed handmade ceramic products for the market
  2. Developing the capacities of a group of local youth to become skilled ceramists.
  3. Organizing ceramic-themed activities and events for private and for the local community.